Saturday, April 20, 2013

Learning Curve

A while ago I bought two books on the art and life of my glass hero/god Klaus Moje.  The first book is entitled Klaus Moje: Glass by Megan Bottari, which was part of a series called "Living Treasures: Masters of Australian Craft."  The other book is called simply Klaus Moje and was written by Bruce Guenther.

Years ago, when I was just beginning to imagine myself as a glass artist, Karen and I were walking through a retail gallery somewhere (maybe Carmel) where I first saw a bowl created by Klaus Moje.  I wanted it!  It attracted me because it was fused, not blown, and it was smooth and not shiny.  While I still wanted to have the bowl, after seeing the price tag we moved on to the next store.

But that one bowl had an impact on me.  I sort of abandoned my bead torches and converted my garage into a fusing studio.  If you happen to stumble into the gallery sections of this blog site, you will see the influence that Klaus Moje, Dr. Steve Immerman, and all those other artists who make fused glass art by cutting strips, making pattern bars, high fire designs, and other glass components to combine into a final piece of glass art.   You also will see Patty Gray's influence.  She told me that when I like a piece of glass that I just made, to cut it up and move it around and refuse it. 

Here is a piece of glass measuring about 12" x 12" which I did not particularly like, but cut up anyways. 

It ultimately became this...

13" Diameter   3/8" Thick   1.5" Deep

After this I began to assemble two other large glass sheets which are awaiting the diamond saw once I figure out what I want to do with them, or get some "Klausian" inspiration.

Blue sheet (19" x 16" x 1/2") front side.......

Blue sheet back side.......

Green sheet (19" x 16" x 1/2") front side ....

Green sheet back side........

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