Friday, August 10, 2012

Pot Melts and Screen Melts

"Melts," are an amazing way to use scrap glass.  You begin by stacking pieces of scrap glass in a flower pot, on top of a stainless steel screen mesh, or by any other means you may devise to hold the pieces above the kiln shelf, so they may drip through the mesh when heated to a temperature of about 1700 degrees F.

I created the above setup by using stainless steel rods which are held in place by holes I drilled in some kiln furniture.  I like this setup because it gives me more control, will hold more glass,  and does not mix as much as a 1/4" screen.  Melts through Terra Cotta pots tend to create a spot where the glass flows out of, but can also yield some amazing results as well (The Abyss).   With experience, you can get a certain amount of predictability.  By knowing the mix of colors, their placement on the screen, and the size and number of openings that the melted glass will flow through.

But by their very nature melts are always a surprise when you open the kiln. In the piece, Quetzal, I have cut the pot melts in a number of pieces and then re-assembled them and re-fused to make a new design. This also allows you to cut our any sections of the melts that you didn't particularly care for. You can also combine portions of several melts into one or more bowls, plates, or art pieces.

The Abyss (2011)



  1. One could get lost in those bowls, they are so complex and mesmerizing. Wonderful work!

    1. I adore the beauty of these bowls, which has an abstract and bewitching art.

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